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Our challenge

In 2016 a world renowned risk management, insurance brokerage, and advisory company, contacted us to implement a global enterprise workplace solution that digitized their operation, provided future technical flexibility and enriched workplace experiences. Their vision was to leverage technology and workplace usage data to evaluate their real estate and evolve the workforce location strategy. Their existing kiosk booking system gave employees the capability to book workspaces, but employees wanted a solution a that was easier to navigate, search and reserve spaces. Facilities team wanted to understand if the booked spaces were being used and how employees were using the space.


Introduce a user centric solution that could evolve over time and integrate with other technologies.


Introduce a solution that measures the impact of a hybrid working model and employee collaboration.


Leverage data lead trends to support space optimization, design and global real estate costs reductions.

Our solution

In 2016, we started with our discovery, planning and onboarding phases which enabled us to rapidly deploy 2,500 sensors and 40 signage screens into their headquarters in London.  The floor screens quickly gained engagement from employees.

Seamless integration

Sensors were discreetly installed at every workstation and meeting area to detect human presence.

Customized reporting

Empowered the facilities team to make data driven real estate decisions and collect environmental insights.

Interactive signage and real time data

The data was visualized on digital signage and screens to show workspace availability.

Customized space release rules

The sensors continuously release spaces that are not in use based on an agreed duration.

Our impact

Today we continue to partner with our long standing client. They continue to innovate and we continue to deliver against their global needs.

20% reduction in real estate portfolio costs

The company have publicly reported a 20% reduction in real estate portfolio costs and $100m saving since implementing Freespace to support their global workplace transformation.

The data and confidence to support change

They reduced their office space by 25% per employee and increase sharing ratio to 23% for each individual workstation.

Sites with Freespace received higher employee satisfaction

The Change Management Program reports an increase in employee satisfaction, with an average score of 75% satisfied where Freespace were implemented.

Initial impact

In 2016, it was researched that approximately 7000 desks worldwide were surplus. This improved the ratio of desks to colleagues by an impressive 24%.

Digital signage

The initial signage screens deployed in London combined floor plan integration and real time data to visualize space availability.

Customized analytics

“The Freespace team were very flexible and collaborative to help define and deliver upon our vision for real estate analytics”