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Our Challenge

In 2017 a global leader within the professional services sector contacted us to support their workplace vision of reducing their real estate from one million square feet across three offices. This 15% reduction would reduce their real estate to 865,000 square feet across two buildings. These buildings would host 65% (13,500) of the UK workforce and they needed to reflect the organizations culture of ‘everyday flexibility’. A culture that provided their people with choice and flexibility in where and how they work. Cultural change and technology enablement we key drivers to the success of the transformation.

For years, employees used a booking tool ‘hoteling’ to select their workspace for the day or the week. As the style of working evolved, the firm realized that the booking tool created an unnecessary process that no longer represented the principles of their workplace. The organization recognized they needed a new solution that could simplify how people find workspaces, whilst providing invaluable insight into how their real estate is performing.

Real estate optimization

Guide commercial and real estate planning with technology and data

Employee experience

Improve the reservation experience and bring to life ‘everyday flexibility’

Support space evolution

Provide the usage trends to inspire new designs and support new ways of working

Our solution

Today the solutions continue to evolve in a true continued partnership. The initial launch in 2017 deployed 9,000 sensors and 85 signage screens across the two London offices. 

Simplified user experience

Introducing a live floor map for easy navigation to the right workspace in real-time.

Bespoke digital signage

Digital signage screens deployed with customized real time information and data visualization.

Empowering design with data

Utilizing occupancy to inform planning decisions and furniture choices based on evidence-based design.

Innovation supporting evolving workplaces

Keeping total occupancy within the building within fire loading threshold.

Our Impact

Today we continue to partner with our long standing client. They continue to innovate and we continue to deliver against their needs.

£13m saving per year

The use of Freespace analytics evidenced the business decision to merge the London population into two buildings and has promoted and supported the ongoing working practices and behaviors needed to realize £13million saving per year.

Continue to partner and flourish

Freespace is now in 15 buildings across the UK. With over 16,000 sensors and over 120 signage screens deployed across the UK real estate portfolio.