Join workplace technology experts and decision-makers at our Discovery Session webinar where we will take an in-depth look at workplace technology, design and change management.

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Thursday, February 11th, 2021


11:00am – 12:30pm EST
8:00am – 9:30am PST


We will discuss the impact of home working on organisational culture, people strategies and duty of care plus look at the implications for quality of life and wellbeing and on the productivity and effectiveness of work.

Our panel discussion will focus on how technology can be the forefront and centre of workplace strategies designed to address employee concerns over infection control measures and address the ramifications of Covid in relation to cleaning and sanitisation.

Workplace experts will discuss the new Biden administration, its climate change agenda and the global ‘Net Zero’ commitments for organisations and their workplaces; and the role of technology will play in reducing wasted space and CO2 emissions.

Join us as we re-imaging the role and purpose of the workplace in the post Covid era and discuss how technology can help organisations improve its effectiveness and the user experience.


The Speaker and the Moderator

Raj Krishnamurthy

CEO, Freespace

Raj is one of the co-founding partners and CEO of Freespace (Workplace Fabric). He is very experienced in delivering solutions for the workplace with previous roles as Innovations Director for a $1b FM company and GM of a $100m global service organisation. He balances his passion for technology with creating value-based solutions that sustain for the long term. He is an expert in user centric thinking solutions and systems. Raj is deeply committed to customers success and is passionate about cultivating selective, deep and global relationships.

John Tavares

Vice President and General Manager – Americas, Freespace

John joined Freespace in July 2020 as the VP & GM for the Americas. He brought a wealth of experience in sales, marketing, business development and executive management acquired in both fast growth technology companies and Fortune 100 enterprises. Prior to Freespace, his most recent roles were with SaaS start-ups: Comfy, a Siemens Company, Artis Energy Intelligence and Entic, Inc.

Previously he served in leadership roles at Honeywell, INNCOM International, Allison Systems, Johnson Controls and GE.

John’s experience covers a wide range of proptech offerings including occupant apps, energy efficiency and billing analytics, building systems for energy management, building automation and security and their application in various verticals both in the Americas as well as globally.

Andrew Mawson

Founder and Managing Director, Advanced Workplace Associates

Andrew leads AWA in it’s quest to help leaders around the world ‘Change the world….. of work’​.

In his consulting work, he has advised organisations in many sectors on their work and workplace transition programmes enabling them to realise the economic, social and productivity benefits linked to more agile models of work, place and organisation. Andrew has led AWA, the company he co-founded in 1991, through three recessions, the arrival of the internet and the mobile revolution. He has successfully steered the company it’s service and people to their position in the market as an increasingly relevant enabler for change in the way people, organisations and leaders work.

David Music

Director, Operations and Information Management, Real Estate and Workplace Solutions, Willis Towers Watson

David Music is a Real Estate Specialist within Willis Towers Watson’s Real Estate and Workplace Solutions team. He is responsible for portfolio strategy and real estate technology supporting the colleague workplace experience and data management. Prior to joining Willis Towers Watson in 2016, David spent 10 years as a real estate consultant working with real estate functions for global organizations to develop long-term plans in support of their business strategy. These efforts focused on ensuring organization and processes around portfolio management, facilities services, lease administration, change management, and workplace experience were aligned to deliver cost-effective support to the business.

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