Return to Work Solutions

Providing staff with a safe and compliant workplace is a key objective for all organisations post Covid-19.

Key to success is providing staff with the necessary information and assurances that their workplace is safe to use, cleaned and sanitised and that risks of virus transmission have been minimised.

Freespace has a suite of return to the workplace tools designed to provide organisations with a total solution.

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Freespace Return to Work App

What is it?

Downloadable App for staff allowing them to reserve and book a cleaned and socially distanced desk ahead of their journey to work.

What is it used for?

Ensuring that employees can plan their day at work with their colleagues and are allocated clean, socially distanced spaces.

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Digital signage QR SPOT Tags integrated with Occupancy Sensors

Freespace Digital Signage

What is it?

Information displays in communal areas, outside of meetings rooms and lobby areas.

What is it used for?

Showing cleaned and socially distanced spaces available for use. Assists staff in Wayfinding to an available desk. Communicate workplace messages including social distancing rules.


Freespace Cleanreader

What is it?

Pre-configured and ruggedised handheld-device ready to use out of the box.

What is it used for?

Ensuring that desks, meeting rooms and communal areas that have been used are cleaned and sanitised ahead of their next intended use.

Spot tags and social distancing chart

Freespace SPOT Tags & Social Distancing

What is it?

Easy to use identification system to operate social distancing in the office. Colour coded and numbered tags each with unique QR code identifiers. Tags are stuck on individual desks to allow easy identification by office users, cleaning staff and facilities teams.

What is it used for?

Allows organisations to operate social distancing without major reconfiguration of the desks and office layouts.

Helps staff to locate a cleaned and socially distanced available spaces – either pre-booked OR turn-up and use.

Freespace roadmap to return to work compliance and portfolio optimisation


Freespace provides a full range of post Covid-19 return to work technology solutions that assures employees and helps to ensure compliance. The product set includes a range of integrated technology solutions that together with our in-built dashboard reporting and analytics and business intelligence tools help automate operations, reduce wasted space and optimise your estate portfolio.

  • Covid-19 compliance measures: Full back to work compliance – low cost, safe return to work
  • Room booking automation and usage: >30% space saving
  • Occupancy monitoring and management: >40% space saving

We provide safe and compliant management of workspaces by:

  • Clearly planning and marking socially distanced workspaces
  • Showing which spaces should be used and when
  • Helping people find and use a space
  • Helping cleaning teams keep spaces clean in real time

We provide safe and compliant management of meeting rooms, communal spaces and corridors by:

  • Planning maximum user levels in communal areas, rooms and corridors based on social distancing rules
  • Clearly displaying maximum usage levels in communal spaces
  • Helping people understand when it’s safe to use a space
  • Help cleaning teams keep communal areas clean in real time