What is it?

Pre-configured and ruggedised handheld-device ready to use out of the box.

What is it used for?

Ensuring that desks, meeting rooms and communal areas that have been used are cleaned and sanitised ahead of their next intended use.

Why should I use it?

  • To provide cleaning and control measures to minimise the risks of transmission
  • To maximise the availability of cleaned space ready for use
  • To ensure cleaning is optimised and cost effective
  • To evidence legal and safety compliance
  • To safeguard the safety and wellbeing of your staff
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Cleanreader screen and spot tags

How does it work?

  • Desks are labelled using our unique system consisting of numbered coloured coded QR SPOT Tags
  • Staff use the Return to Work App to book and reserve a socially distanced desk at their preferred location
  • Staff locate and check-in to their workspace on the day of work using the App to scan the QR SPOT Tag located on their booked desk
  • Cleanreader ‘Back Office’ ensures all used desks are scheduled for cleaning ahead next booking and use
  • Cleaning team receive a list of desks to clean via their handheld Cleanreader
  • Cleanreader scans QR SPOT Tag on each desk before and after cleaning when all cleaning tasks are competed
  • The desk is recorded as clean and released for use for the next occupier

Employee Benefits

Receive information in relation to cleaning history of their desk including when last cleaned – for peace of mind

Employer Benefits

  • Employee reassurance – maximises back to work attendances
  • Office cleaning scheduled around desk and room use occupancy – cost effective
  • Enhanced safety and compliance information for desks and meeting spaces

SPOT Tag Integration

  • SPOT Tags provide local identification of desks
  • Simply scan the SPOT Tag with the Return to Work App to ‘check-in’ to a reserved or allocated desk
  • View real time status information on when the desk was last used and cleaned
  • Desk is automatically scheduled for clean after desk is vacated

Sensor Technology Integration

Cleanreader can be integrated with our Freespace occupancy and room sensors to provide a total cleaning and compliance solution. Sensors placed in communal areas, meeting rooms, washrooms and under desks trigger alerts after spaces are used.

Cleanreader will schedule and integrate the workflow cleaning tasks in order of priority, both from desk use as recorded through the QR SPOT Tags and from installed Freespace sensors around the office.

Sensor alerts can be used to trigger cleaning requests either before the space is next used for desks, meeting rooms, phone booths, communal or shared areas or in accordance with local cleaning policies.

Cleaned spaces are released as available for bookings and put onto digital signage.

Cleanreader cleaning performance dashboard

Cleaning Audit and Compliance

  • The dashboard provides visibility of job lists, number of cleans and performance against SLAs
  • Cleaning status can be tracked by area, floor, building or space type
  • Provides electronic audit trail of time and dates of inspection and cleaning in order to evidence safety and statutory compliance

Cleanreader – Technical Specs

  • Ruggedized for durability
  • Connectivity: WiFi and x1 Nano Slot
  • OS: Android 8.X (Oreo)
  • Certifications: CE, FCC, IC, EAC
  • Safety: RoHS and WEEE compliance

Cleanreader – Configuration & Operation

  • Pre-configured and ready for use – out of the box QR Code identification for ease of use
  • Side button operation of QR scanner (allows use of cleaning gloves in operation)
  • Touch screen disabled for Covid-19 hygiene and compliance