What is it?

Downloadable app for staff allowing them to reserve and book a cleaned and socially distanced desk ahead of their journey to work.

What is it used for?

Ensuring there are sufficient desks cleaned, sanitised and available for all staff wishing to use the office.

Why should I use it?

  • To maximise return to work attendance in your workplace
  • To evidence legal and safety compliance
  • To safeguard the safety and wellbeing of your staff
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How does it work?

  • Desks are labelled using our unique system consisting of numbered colour coded QR SPOT Tags
  • Staff use the Return to Work App to reserve a socially distanced desk at their preferred location ahead of the date of travel
  • Desks are allocated dynamically the day before to ensure the right number of socially distanced spaces are cleaned and available for use
  • Staff are pre-allocated a numbered desk and location making it easy for them to locate their workspace ahead of their day of arrival
  • Staff ‘check-in’ on arrival by using their smart phone to scan their QR code
  • The system accepts the ‘check-in’ reservation, shows the usage of desk and confirms the desk has been cleaned ahead of use

Employee Benefits

  • Reserve a clean and socially distanced desk for intended day
  • Find spaces near colleagues or team that are attending same day
  • Scan the SPOT Tag for real time information of desk usage and cleanliness
  • Receive automated reminders for bookings and desk allocations

Employer Benefits

  • Automatic allocation of desks based on social distances and cleaning
  • Flexible and configurable to suit split employee groups or c-shared spaces
  • Re-assign people dynamically in event of removal of infected spaces
  • User friendly system to notify and reassure employees
Cleanreader screen and spot tags


SPOT Tags provide local identification of desks. Simply scan the SPOT Tag with the Return to Work App to;

  • Check in to allocated desk
  • View real time status information on when the desk was last used and cleaned

Spot tags app screenshot

Plan and Collaborate

  • View schedule of planned days to work from office
  • Connect and coordinate with colleagues in your team or group (inner circle)
  • Set your preferences for location and group membership
  • Friendly notifications of changes in the office
  • Integration with SPOT Tags provide assurance of cleanliness

Back Office & System Configuration

  • Full space reporting and analytics dashboard
  • ‘Dynamic’ view of demand enables workspace capacity planning and balancing
  • Manage staff attendances in line with demand and availability of space
  • Rules based – staff groups, staff rotations/rostering, space allocations, push alerts and notifications
  • Digital user acceptance of workplace policies
  • Track ‘n’ Trace compliance based on actual attendance by location/day