Occupancy Monitoring Dashboard

The Freespace Daily Occupancy Monitoring Dashboard has been designed for Real Estate Leaders and Building Managers to understand the continual change of a building’s occupancy and how it is performing against set thresholds. 


As return to work programmmes reduce occupancy and define which spaces can be used each day, our solution allows you to track performance against the set thresholds and the previous 7 days activity, which helps to quickly respond to identified risks.

The dashboard is configured to an organisation’s thresholds which can be defined by the Freespace Social Distancing Design Service or the daily maximum spaces an organisation is permitting to be used.


Social Distancing and Threshold Alerting

Our Social Distancing dashboard is a daily, real-time monitoring solution that reports on the overall occupancy of a building and highlights areas of non-compliance with alerting when thresholds are breached.

The dashboard is a central view of aggregated data across all your building which provides operational leadership the workplace risk position for the day. Drill down functionality enables building management teams to see an exception and dive into a building or floor to see where it is occurring and decide on an appropriate response.


The dashboard is completely configurable to an organisations’ individual parameters and thresholds including alerting which can be tailored to email or text defined groups. Although the solution can be independently configured to work with your chosen parameters, we recommend directly integrating with the Freespace Social Distancing Design Service, to take you seamlessly from design into monitoring and action.


Portfolio Insights with Visualisation Platforms

Freespace Business Intelligence solutions provide a comprehensive view into the changing behaviours and demand of the workplace, enabling Real Estate Leaders to make strategic decisions based on detailed evidence from across their portfolio.

Leveraging our analytical capability and infrastructure, we create powerful, interactive and secure dashboards pulling on sensor data from across your portfolio.


Dashboards can be tailored for each role and purpose, so each person sees what is immediately relevant to them. Our integration platform and capabilities enable us to bring in external data sets to create further richness to the insights. Such as survey datasets to understand performance based on activity within a building.

As the demands of your building portfolio changes, Freespace Business Intelligence will monitor and measure the change to enable you to make decisions and take action grounded in fact.

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