Cleaning Scheduler 3


The Cleanreader™ is a handheld device to prioritise your cleaning resources. Using real-time data from our sensors, each time a space is vacated (based on space policy), a push notification will be sent to the device directing the cleaning operative to clean the space.

Integrated with our SPOT Tag system, the cleaning operatives can scan the space to digitally mark the space as cleaned. This will release the space back into the availability pool, updating the digital signage, simultaneously capturing the activity in the Freespace platform, where it can be used for auditing and reporting purposes.


Daily Clean Report

Freespace have developed a Daily Clean Report, utilising occupancy data to ensure maximum benefit of periodic or scheduled cleans. 

Using your existing floorplan the Daily Clean Report visually demonstrates which spaces have been occupied within a set period, or since last cleaned, allowing for prioritising cleaning activities on these higher risk areas. 

Cleaning activities can be logged from individual spaces through to building level, in addition to reporting on cleaning audit and compliance. The report can integrate the data from Cleanreader to provide a holistic approach to understanding, scheduling and reporting on cleaning operations in your workplace.


Q Manager

Freespace has developed Q Manager to help facilitate social distancing in queues, integrating signage and anonymous sensor technology to detect real-time occupancy within shared spaces, such as washrooms.

Our thermal imaging sensors anonymously monitor the occupancy of the washroom and display availability on signage outside to aid avoidance of personal space invasion and queuing inside the traditionally confined space of a washroom. It can also be used to monitor and report on hand washing compliance.


Available on standard Freespace screens, we have also added the SanScreen to our range of screens, a 22in touchscreen with an inbuilt hand sanitiser. This can be used to report maintenance issues within the washroom in addition to another hand sanitiser point in the office.

Our Q Manager system is applicable for other uses, including canteens and can integrate with signage on the floor to help dynamically manage footfall.

Additional integration opportunities lay within the Cleanreader and Daily Clean Report; using live data to alert cleaning requirement based on predefined thresholds.

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