Room Booking

Room Booking Systems

Freespace offers out of the box integration with Office365 and several popular room booking systems. Our standardised road tested approach makes every implementation comprehensive and robust.

Booking Panel 2

Room Panels and Desk Indicators

Want to move away from complex booking systems? We have integrated directly with panels to update bookings using human presence. Allow Freespace to record all activity which you can analyse using our dashboards.

Floorplan drawings

CAD and Space Management

Freespace has created scripts for integration with AutoCAD to allow import of meta data. We integrate with industry standard space management systems to allow easy exchange of floor plan updates and markups.

Smart City

Our city specific integrations bring public feeds into the Freespace Signage.

3rd Party Sensors

Our extensive portfolio of sensor integrations range include MODBUS, Bluetooth and LoraWAN devices.

Smart Tags

Smart tags integrated with sensors have given valuable service outcomes.