Occupancy Sensors

Freespace ONE


Freespace ONE sensors are simple peel-and-stick modules placed underneath desks or on walls to monitor occupancy and environmental conditions.

Freespace TIM sensor

Meeting Rooms

Freespace TIM sensors are thermal imaging modules placed on the ceiling to count the number of occupants and their behaviour inside a meeting room.

Additional Sensing Capabilities


All Freespace sensors come equipped with Temperature, Humidity, Light and Noise sensors which can be enabled and disabled remotely through software settings.

Air Quality

Freespace ECO sensors are absolute CO2 sensors. Freespace TIM sensors have an option to add on eCO2 and VOC sensors.

Bluetooth Capability

Freepace sensors have an option to add a Bluetooth low energy module. This enables several custom applications such as find a colleague.

Key benefits

Real-time Data

Our sensors transmit data in real-time with 8-15 sec latency to allow for confirmation of occupancy.

Direct WiFi

Our sensors execute 128-bit chip level encryption and transmit directly over WiFi.

Day 1 Analytics

Get information the day after mobilisation on the cloud-based analytics dashboard.

Battery Operated

The battery operated ONE sensor delivers a 2 year life while transmitting in real-time.

Simple Deployment

The ONE sensor is a peel and stick module – easy to deploy in scale and in a short duration.


Our sensors capture occupancy, temperature, humidity, light and noise.


Freespace is a secure cloud platform, transmitting non-personal data via a standard WiFi network residing on the Corporate subnet or provided by our 4G router solution. Our transmission network is certified to UL2900-2-2 which includes chip level 128-bit encryption and secure highly available cloud servers.


Freespace respects your privacy and this is reflected in our design. Our approach is to monitor the performance of the space, rather than the people. With no visual capturing capability the sensors use infrared and thermal images to collect the occupancy data; removing any privacy concerns.