Floor signage 4

Floor Signage

Deployed on all floor entrances and tactical positions around the office to communicate space availability, environmental conditions and other client specific information.


Lobby Signage

Deployed in lobbies and reception areas to summarise floor by floor space availability.

Wayfinding signage

Touch Screen Wayfinding

Add interactive touch capabilities for viewing across floors, room/desk search and navigation assistance. 

Corporate Communications

A critical engagement tool for driving consistent working practices across geographies and communicating key business messages to employees.

Smart City Integrations

Integrate live local city data such as transport services or weather forecasts from external systems.

Frictionless Experience

Walk up and go experience. No need for users to download apps, log in or opt-in and as a result no personal data is captured.

Bespoke Design

Customise your user experience with company branding, space categories, team zones, departments and more.

Space Policies

Drive new ways of working or re-enforce working practices with policies governing when spaces are deemed free after use.

24/7 Up Time

Screens are monitored 24/7 for accuracy and availability.