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Say goodbye to access cards and fobs

How many access cards and fobs has your organisation lost and replaced? The employee app can integrate with your office access technology to replace the need for an access card or fob. Administrators responsible for allocating office and floor access can configure individual rules, audit access, and streamline workplace technology with the multipurpose employee app.

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Cleaning Audit Tools - Cleanreader Device by Freespace


  • Connect individual access to individual employee devices.
  • Allocate access to individual users to dedicated floors, rooms and spaces
  • Configurable access rules for individuals and teams (?)
  • ???


  • Reduce the use on platics with no need for access cards and fobs
  • Digitise the access process and keep your employees safe
  • Access to data and reports (visuals? what can be reported on)
  • Anything else (?)

Discover how you can connect the employee app with your office access requirements

Access card integrations


Genetec was created on the belief that technology can break down barriers and improve the day-to-day lives of users. Now Freespace can connect the multipurpose employee app with Genetec access points. Connecting technologies, improving lives, together.