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Transformative workplace trends for 2022 and beyond

Discover the global trends impacting workplaces in 2022 and beyond. Understand the impact on office design and workplace strategies, as businesses ride the wave of recovery post-Covid.

The trends within the Freespace whitepaper highlights four key challenges: 

  • Having accurate and meaningful data to inform workplace planning and space optimization. 
  • Creating workspaces and environments that meet the needs of the workforce based upon their actual space preferences and utilization.  
  • Understanding how space design, culture and space types can make people and teams more efficient. Directly contributing to attracting and retaining talent.  
  • Creating office environments that enable maximum collaboration between those in the office and those working remotely.

Workplace possibilities

A few initiatives made possible with Freespace

Introduce office stacking to reduce energy consumption.

Floor capacity notifications and fire safety procedures.

Introduce and manage a hybrid working culture.

Using occupancy and demand data to inform CRE decisions.

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Implement and manage congestion protocols.

Connect live occupancy and reservations to digital signage.

Automate cleaning operations with real time data​.

Enable a safe return to workplace strategy.

Automated room booking based on employee presence.

Inform space optimization, design and allocation at local level​.

Monitor, report and utilize environmental data of the workplace​.

Present real time information through digital signage screens.

Connected technologies

Flexible solutions for today’s workplace



Our sensors and patented algorithm deliver unparalleled flexibility and insights into how your workplace is used. We can measure space use, footfall and congestion, office attendance and more. Our sensors are anonymous by design so that we can gather data to make data-driven decisions and show the results.

SPOT Platform

SPOT Platform

SPOT is a programmable micro-location service that uses a unique ID to identify each location. It’s a versatile tagging system represented as a user-friendly SPOT Tag, that can be used in a variety of ways and purposes, such as on-demand contextual responses and actions.



A handheld device to prioritize cleaning resources. Ensure workspace hygiene standards are met and beyond. Track cleaning by area, floor, building, or space type. Every inspection and clean actioned provides an electronic audit trail of time and dates to evidence safety and statutory compliance.



Designed to provide real-time visibility of available workspaces, meeting rooms and resources with a design to improve productivity, efficiency, and information in the workplace.

Employee App

Employee App

Design and deliver your culture of hybrid working, automating processes and insights. Enable employees to reserve meeting rooms, amenities, desks, car parking and more. Integrating sensors for auto check-in, SPOT tags for check-in without sensors, HR systems, room panels and cleaning solutions.

Space Planner

Space Planner

The Space Planner is a web-based portal providing the capability to manage and monitor facilities and spaces efficiently. Manage buildings, floors and individual spaces – allocate resources to departments, close them off for a few days, set physical distancing or preferences for users.



Freespace analytics solutions include the client analytics portal available as standard. Providing a wealth of insights across every solution and our professional services, supporting your detailed analysis, tailored to meet your specific business needs and objectives.



The Freespace Platform can be integrated with various critical business systems. Connecting calendars with meeting room availability, sensor insights with occupancy and employee’s with digital storage solutions. In addition to HR and BMS.

Flexible technology solutions

A trusted partner to the world’s largest organizations

Freespace can deliver what has never mattered more: the ability to curate the best employee experience.

Our solutions enable organizations to optimize their real estate, facilitate hybrid-working that engages employees, creates safe and hygienic environments, inform office design and the drive to net zero.


You can completely customize and scale Freespace technologies to deliver your workplace vision​. With help from our experts to make the most of the features and integrations available, within your requirements and budget.

Absolutely. As the needs of our clients evolve, so do our solutions. We understand objectives and priorities evolve. Strategic directions change, technical requirements expand, and the need for data to answer organization and commercial questions intensifies.

We remain agile in our approach to ensure we can reflect your ever-changing needs and continue to deliver success.

Our suite of workplace technology is modular and custom-matched to meet your requirements.

After an initial consultation, our experts are able to work with you to configure the best technology solutions for your needs. Our costs are completely transparent and dependent on the technologies you need. There are no hidden fees.​

The first step to discovering what Freespace can do for your organization is to talk to us about your challenges, wants and needs, and how we can help to resolve them.

Once our team understands your vision, we work with you to implement the technology behind cost savings, increased productivity and employee engagement, and gather the data your organization needs to connect people with the spaces they work in, with your real estate strategy.

We’re changing the way enterprises discover, share and evidence the need for change.

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