Digital Signage

A universally accepted approach to reducing anxiety is communicating effectively; with the right information, delivered at the right time and to the right level of detail. 

Freespace digital signage offers the perfect medium to deliver relevant workplace and health information to employees. From social distancing and safe places to work to HR communications and public health updates, the Freespace signage can support your employees as they adjust to a new way of working.

Explore our Social Distancing and Occupancy Based Cleaning pages to find out how sensor data can provide the live information to help employees locate safe, available spaces to work.


Nudge Communications

Communications can dual-serve as reassurance and a reminder of the expected behaviour to nudge the desired actions. For example, compliance to social distancing and single desk policies enacted in the workplace.

Live sensor data on the number of desks being cleaned or the occupancy levels in the canteen can help remind employees to comply with new policies and make informed decisions about when to use shared spaces.

Freespace User App 3

Safe Return App

From split shifts and teams, to rotated days or weeks, Freespace can help you manage the space and communicate the scheduling of workspace to your employees.  

The Freespace app enables employees to plan when to go into the office as well as directing them to spaces that are safe to use, locate nearest amenities that are open and when to navigate around the office at times of lowest congestion.


Q Manager

Freespace has developed a queue management system called Q Manager to help facilitate social distancing, integrating signage and anonymous sensor technology to detect real-time occupancy within a shared space, such as canteens and washrooms. 

Our thermal imaging sensors anonymously monitor the occupancy of a space and display availability on signage outside. This can reduce occurrences of colleagues passing too closely and breaching social distancing. The digital signage can also host a built-in hand sanitiser.

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