Man reviewing Freespace analytics

Powering real estate decisions with occupancy data

Real estate is the second largest cost and there is an opportunity to unlock significant savings in underused space. Lack of indisputable occupancy information prevents businesses from planning and implementing effective real estate strategies that achieve cost reductions and energy savings.

Freespace is a workplace technology solution that accurately captures space usage and provides detailed insights to make informed science-based decisions that achieve real estate optimisation and support carbon reduction strategies.

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Understanding the workplace and engaging employees

Freespace combines sensors, analytics, digital signage and software integration to understand space performance and engage employees with the space. All of this without tracking people or their personal information.

Our interactive digital signage enables employees to navigate the workplace effectively while providing valuable and timely local information. Our scalable analytics portal informs workplace experts and space designers about employee behaviour which helps validate design decisions and measure employee acceptance.


Looking for a quick introduction to Freespace?

This video will provide you with an overview of the Freespace solution. From the simple installation of sensors, to the interactive digital signage and a brief insight into the analytics dashboard.