Intelligent Space Management

Simple workspace controls to deliver business needs.

Simplify space management through custom-built software to effectively manage shift working, implement dynamic and agile space allocation based on occupancy and seamlessly manage visitors to your offices. Our space management modules enable workplace managers to save time, maximise space utilisation and improve the overall workplace experience.

Automate Meeting Room Bookings

Eliminate employee frustrations by maximising meeting room availability.

Our sensors benefit from a two-way connection to Office 365 or Google Calendars. This enables the automatic release of unused meeting rooms and triggers if the meeting finishes sooner than expected to show this as available to book after an agreed time period has lapsed. We can also provide integrations to meeting room panels for visualising availability and indicating when the room will be free and how long it will be in use.

Efficient Energy Management

Setting the environmental standard for your business.

All organisations globally are striving towards energy reduction and becoming carbon neutral. To support these goals, we are able to use data from our occupancy sensors to automate heating and air conditioning. We can also ingest energy readings from the BMS and analyse this against occupancy to identify unnecessary usage. Additionally, the use of advanced space management tools such as dynamic capacity planning enables the systematic opening of space to save energy.

Benefits of smart building automations.

Decarbonising your portfolio

Decarbonising your portfolio.

Linking building controls to occupancy.

Reduced operational costs

Reduced operational costs.

Efficient energy management and allocation of FM resource.

Improved employee experience

Improved employee experience.

Seamlessly maximising the availability of meeting rooms.

Take the first step to delivering your workplace journey.

Our integrated technology

Digitise & automate your workplace with Freespace technology.

FAQs and resources.

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