Our approach.

We recognize the lack of human-centric intelligence around the use of workspaces has created a disconnect, between individual employees, their organizational culture and their workspace. This coupled with the switch to hybrid working has left many organizations with too much space and the wrong space types.

Our mission is ‘to empower the world’s largest businesses to achieve more, by reconnecting people, workspaces and activity’. 

For us, the right space enables organisations to create an environment that helps people to achieve more for themselves (satisfaction, engagement, promotion) and the business (growth, profitability, efficiency). This is the essence of ‘make space for more’.

“As our workspaces evolve, we often overlook the essential human element. At Freespace, we believe that enhancing the user experience in these spaces can reignite the synergy between employees, culture, and workspace. It’s not just about having space; it’s about making space matter.”

Raj Krishnamurthy
CEO, Freespace

Delivering key outcomes.  

To achieve more, organizations leverage our integrated workplace operating system to achieve three key outcomes:

Right size, right design

Right size, right design.

Reduced real estate costs and achieve the optimum space configuration.

Optimise your space
Smart building automations

Smart building automations.

Carbon reduction and leaner operational costs.

Digitise your operation
Exceptional employee experiences

Exceptional employee experiences.

Improved employee collaboration, productivity and wellbeing.

Improve your workplace experience

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Freespace values.

Our values define how we act as individuals and collectively as a business. They are evident in everything we do, from product development to account management and customer support.

Being dedicated, determined, adaptable, versatile, and committed in everything we do.

Acting with transparency and clarity to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Forging strong connections to synchronize our objectives and foster an atmosphere of shared learning and respect.

Collaborate to overcome challenges, whilst acknowledging and celebrating achievements as we go.

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Proven global partner.

Learn more about becoming a Freespace partner to enrich your business offer and to generate financial growth. We work with organizations across the following sectors:

Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Broker.

Furniture & Fit Out

Furniture & Fit Out.

Workplace Consultants

Workplace Consultants.

Audio Visual Installers

Audio Visual Installers.



Facilities Management

Facilities Management.

Additionally, we have created a network of Freespace approved installers to complement our in-house teams and ensure full deployment capabilities globally.

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The success of our business is founded on the skills and commitment of our people that sit behind our workplace technology. We have specialists all across our business from factory production, and project management through to 24/7 customer support. Learn more about our back-office approach and how we strive for the highest levels of data security.

Data security and privacy are key to our business model and success

Data security and privacy are key to our business model and success.

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24/7 care and support providing an enhanced level of performance

24/7 care and support providing an enhanced level of performance.

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We’re MSDUK Certified.