Making complex simple.

Leverage our workplace space planning solutions to become more efficient, reduce cost and enhance the user experience.

Overcome specific workplace challenges, including:

  • Automatically aligning occupancy demand and capacity to improve space efficiency and building usage.
  • Simplifying the complexity of allocating space for shift workers or where the number of employees exceeds the number of desks.
  • Creating a seamless and secure way to support visitor space booking and check-in.

Shift Management.

Save valuable management time by automatically optimizing workspace through simplifying complex seat planning and allocating space in the fairest and most efficient way.

Desk space management

Desk space management.

A customized and proven solution for call centres and 24/7 office environments where the ratio of people exceeds the number of desks. Optimize valuable management time and use our intelligent solution to allocate space in the fairest and most efficient way whilst delivering business requirements.

Shift management

Shift management.

Empower Shift Managers by enabling them to define each department and team requirements within a department, building rosters, creating the shift pattern and user profiles associated with each shift.

Employee access

Employee access.

We offer flexibility based on in-office or hybrid models, and for centrally or self-managed environments. Managers can allocate employees to a shift within the system. Alternatively, employees can do that for themselves via our employee experience app.

Employee Experience App


Intelligent algorithms automatically run on a daily basis to manage seat allocations and ensure full capacity of workspaces combined with fair usage across departments. Leverage our overspill allocation functionality which seats users in other department seats that have capacity above their daily demand.



Benefit from shift management analytics with a daily summary of counts of bookings for locations, floors and shifts. This is supplemented with a weekly summary identifying the number of requests, allocations, check-ins and no shows.

Analytics & AI

Maximize efficiency, minimize hassle.

Swap chaotic desk arrangements and shift scheduling for our intelligent system. Smarter. Fairer. Optimal workspace utilization.

Dynamic capacity planning.

Optimize space

Optimize space.

Optimize space and right size your real-estate through intelligently matching capacity with demand. Use our AI dynamic capacity engine to make the most efficient use of your space and make hybrid working a success.

Match demand

Match demand.

Adjust your available workspaces to match demand using intelligent allocation algorithms. Employees can request a space through our experience app and capacity can be adjusted to align with demand. Leverage configurable rulesets to ensure teams sit together and individual workspace preferences are supported.

In-depth analytics

In-depth analytics.

Use our in-depth analytics to understand daily demand over a period of time and use this data to make informed decisions on right sizing. Also, gain valuable insights into which departments have strong office attendance and use this to inform future space design.

Reduce cost

Reduce cost.

Reduced energy consumption

Reduced energy consumption.

Reduce space usage

Reduce space usage.

Increased collaboration

Increased collaboration.

Visitor Manager.

Become more efficient, whilst achieving an enhanced visitor experience.

Enable your organization to professionalize the visitor experience, optimize reception time and enhance your brand. Use Visitor Manager to pre-register all visitors, book a visitor allocated space and automate the check-in process via reception. 

Frictionless experience

Frictionless experience.

Enable your host to pre-register visitors, reserve a desk suitable for a visitor and include notes so the reception team can process and direct the visitor accordingly. Visitors are automatically notified of their registration which includes arrival instructions and any specific requirements, as well as any changes to their visit over time.

Safety & security

Safety & security.

Visitor Manager supports arrival and departure logging which can be used to track the visitor’s presence which is vital in fire and evacuation situations. Additionally, Visitor Manager is GDPR compliant and we can adhere to specified privacy standards, providing assurance regarding the security and deletion of visitor data.

Productivity & time efficiency

Productivity & time efficiency.

The check-in process for pre-registered visitors will become faster and more efficient as Visitor Manager automatically notifies the host and simplifies the communication process. Additionally, data will be auto-populated for repeat visitors reducing the time for processing. This will enable the reception team to be more productive and focus on other core tasks.

Intelligence led

Intelligence led.

Visitor Manager produces data that is visible in our analytics portal and provides intelligence and insights on visitor volumes, trends and peaks. This is vital to support operational planning (i.e. reception staffing levels) and to inform investment decisions based on usage (i.e. which buildings have the largest number of visitors).