Create a frictionless employee journey.

Transform the user experience, improve productivity and create a positive reflection of your brand.

Achieve this using customisable digital signage that provides a live status of space availability and wayfinding capabilities to navigate easily to colleagues, amenities and meeting rooms.

Customised to your brand.

Promote and reinforce your brand with fully customisable digital signage. Our signage enables organisations to display their logo, specific colours and other brand elements to maintain consistency and build brand recognition. Additionally, ensure the voice and tone of any text communication aligns with your brand, ensuring it’s reinforced at every touch point.

Configured to your workplace.

Select from the lobby view providing a snapshot of live space availability across multiple floors, or the floor view which replicates the floor plan and identifies each space and its live availability. Incorporate smart city integrations to display key information relevant to your business and location including weather and travel updates.

Live touchscreen wayfinding navigation.

Realise the benefits of occupancy sensor and space booking integrations providing a live view of booked and available workspaces. The signage includes touchscreen wayfinding navigation, enabling employees or visitors to locate a specific desk, meeting room or person and a visual navigation route is displayed based on the screens actual location.

Navigation assistant

Navigation assistant.

Find colleagues

Find colleagues.

Find amenities

Find amenities.

Find workspaces & meeting rooms

Find workspaces & meeting rooms.

Maximising uptime

Maximising uptime.

We undertake full proactive monitoring of all media servers used to power the digital signage. Our 24/7 technical support team are trained to identify and resolve any intermittent connectivity or offline issues to maximise uptime and maintain employee experience standards.



All media servers are hardened and secured with no ability to plug-in locally or unauthorised access remotely. We provide an additional security layer through our own MTLS certification and whitelisted URLs so the media server can only access predetermined sites including live sensor and app data and the sources for smart city information.

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