Freespace integrated workplace technology.

Analytics & AI

Analytics & AI.

Make decisions using actionable workplace intelligence.

Workplace analytics
Sensors & Indicators

Sensors & Indicators.

Live occupancy, utilization and air quality data.

Workplace sensors
Employee App

Employee App.

Book multiple space types to create a frictionless employee journey.

Employee experience app
Space Management

Space Management.

Intelligence-based solutions to simplify complex work scenarios.

Space management
Digital Signage

Digital Signage.

Wayfinding navigation to drive space optimization and experience.

Digital signage wayfinding
SPOT Integrations

SPOT Integrations.

Use real time data to drive building, service and system automation.

Integration options

Employee Experience App

Enable a frictionless return to the office.

Make office working simple with a configurable, accessible and multilingual app to book multiple space types including desks, meeting rooms, lockers and car parking spaces. With our unique My Circle and My Teams functionality, it’s easy to collaborate, align diaries and work patterns. The app can integrate with existing systems including O365, Teams and Zoom to provide a seamless employee experience. Access to our best-in-class space planner will enable your administrators to set the rules and configure how each space and user are managed.

Digital Signage

Make the first workplace impression count.

Our customizable signage will transform the employee experience, improve productivity and be a positive reflection of your brand. The signage will display a live floor plan with booked, occupied and available spaces. It also has wayfinding capabilities for employees and visitors to find colleagues, amenities and meeting rooms easily. We can integrate the signage to provide smart city information (i.e., weather and travel information), and we undertake remote proactive monitoring to maximize uptime.

SensorS & Indicators

Understand your workspace to boost productivity and experience.

We know that each office layout is different with multiple space types, making this an important consideration when selecting the right sensor for your business. Our range of space occupancy, utilization and air-quality sensors enable you to maximize your ROI, achieve the right space configuration and create optimal working conditions.

Non-optical, PII assured

Non-optical, PII assured.

High level of accuracy

High level of accuracy.

Multiple power options

Multiple power options.

Proactive monitoring & support

Proactive monitoring & support.

SPOT Integrations

Connect easily with your existing tools and systems.

Consolidate workplace processes and systems into one seamless workflow to improve efficiency and simplify the employee experience. Our Spatial Planning & Operations Transaction (SPOT) platform enables data to be exchanged with any micro-location, automates manual tasks (i.e., check-in), creates alerts based on pre-defined events and seamlessly integrates with 3rd party systems through an open API.

Analytics & AI

Make informed workplace decisions using actionable workplace intelligence.

Use macro occupancy data at floor and building levels to understand overall usage and daily/weekly patterns to drive your workplace strategy. Discover the micro occupancy patterns on a floor, meeting rooms, phone booths and collaboration spaces to understand efficiency, dwell time, behaviour patterns and congestion. Leverage anonymized Freespace Index data through our AI-based tools to make workplace occupancy predictions.

Space Management

Simplify complex scenarios and maximize your workspace.

Dynamic capacity planning

Dynamic capacity planning.

Where space is automatically recalculated on demand to optimize the floor allocation.

Dynamic capacity planning
Visitor management

Visitor management.

Enables pre-registered internal and external visitors to have a workspace booked and can automate the check-in process via reception as well as track arrivals and departures with automated host notifications.

Visitor management
Shift management

Shift management.

Automatically optimizes workspace, simplifies complex seat planning, saves valuable management time and allocates space in the fairest and efficient way.

Shift management