As the world’s leading workplace technology solutions company Freespace is committed to establishing systems and procedures that demonstrate we are a socially, ethically and environmentally responsible organisation.  

In all aspects of our business, we aim to go beyond legal compliance and to evidence that we are partner of choice to our clients and an employer of choice for our own people and those within our supply chain across all of the geographical territories that we operate.  

The following guiding principles apply in the way we manage and operate our business and form the basis of our organisational policies and procedures in relation to the Modern Slavery act 2015 

Our Commitment 

Freespace fully complies to the requirements of the Modern Slavery act 2015 and all national labour laws, rules and regulations as well as all international laws on workers and human rights in all the places we operate. 

Responsibility & Accountability 

The Freespace Board of Directors and the three Regional General Managers for EMEA, Asia Pacific and The Americas are responsible for implementing and ensuring compliance with this policy statement.  

Risk Management  

We train our people in the requirements of this policy together with our supply chain so they understand our expectations of them in their roles and of their business relationships with us.  

Freespace has policies and procedures designed to minimise the potential risks of our own staff and those of our supply chain in contravening the obligations of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and all labour and human rights legislation covered by this policy. (See Related Policies).  

The business is committed to reviewing the effectiveness of our policies (at least annually) in order to put in place improvements to the way we manage risks and ensure compliance.   

Measurement & Reporting 

Freespace Regional General Managers will take steps to audit and validate the actions of our staff and those of our supply chain in compliance with this policy. 

This will include but not be limited to: staff training records, right to work certification, staff working conditions and compliance with local labour laws (including wage legislation and staff welfare) both within Freespace workplaces and those of our supply chain. 

The results of this audit will be presented in a Values and Conduct Annual Report which will be presented and approved by  the Freespace Board of Directors will be made available to our clients on the company website. 

Related Policies 

In addition to this policy statement the following Freespace Policies seek to reinforce our commitment to taking all reasonable steps to ensure our business and our supply chain is fully compliant with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. 

Training & Development – Employee induction and refresher training ensures staff are aware of the requirements of the act, the consequences of breaking the law and what they should do if they see something they do not think is right. 

Whistleblowing – Providing a clear and robust policy and process for Freespace staff to report any suspected wrong-doing confidentiality and for their concerns to be treated and investigated in a fair and transparent fashion.   

Employee Code of Conduct – Reinforcing ethical standards of behaviour for our staff, irrespective of where they work and in their dealings and business interactions across our supply chain partners.  

Procurement Code of Conduct – Relating to the standards we expect from our supply chain including safe working conditions, pay, treating people fairly and ethically and in compliance with international and local labour laws at all times.  

Use of Agency Outsourced Labour – Including our commitment to working with reputable agencies and contractors who adhere with this policy and all local labour laws including verification of compliance as part of the onboarding/hiring process. 

Breaches – The Company adopts a zero-tolerance approach to any breaches in the Modern Slavery Act and will act accordingly and efficiently including but not limited to, disciplinary action up to dismissal for employees, cessation of business relationship for supply chain partners and involvement of the relevant authorities (such as Police).  

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