Personalised Solutions

Improve employee collaboration and productivity.

Use our employee experience app to accommodate employee preferences and enable the booking of multiple space types. Employees can leverage our advanced functionality and create a collaboration network to coordinate attendance and space booking. Additionally, as part of any workplace redesign, Workplace Managers can use this data to restack and configure floors based on departmental interactions and how people are connected.

A Seamless Workplace Journey

Easily navigate to workspaces, meeting rooms and colleagues.

Implement digital signage that will transform the employee experience and improve productivity. Create a customised display that reflects your brand and incorporates smart city information including live weather and travel updates. Enable employees to view and wayfind to booked and available spaces, colleagues and amenities across the floorplan.

Optimal Working Conditions

Elevate productivity with environmental insights.

Obtain extensive air quality insights across an area or floor with real-time dashboards. Our Pure Air Module (PAM) sensor collects data on noise, light, pressure, temperature, humidity, CO2, VOC, particulate matter, formaldehyde and a range of other parameters. This can be configured to raise alerts based on agreed thresholds to manage building controls. Additionally, understand space type popularity and utilisation so that workplace designs be can refined to create a work environment that reflects employee needs.

Benefits of creating an exceptional employee experience.

Improved employee productivity

Improved employee productivity.

Save time navigating your buildings to locate colleagues, spaces and amenities.

Improved employee collaboration

Improved employee collaboration.

Understand social networks and enable employees to connect on days in the office and the spaces booked

Improved employee wellbeing

Improved employee wellbeing.

Reduce airborne diseases and achieve externally recognised accreditations

Take the first step to delivering your workplace journey.

Our integrated technology

Digitise & automate your workplace with Freespace technology.

FAQs and resources.

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