Connecting people with workspaces.

Make it easy for employees to return to the office through a user-friendly, intuitive and configurable app.

Available as a web or mobile app and downloadable from Google Play or the Apple Store employees are able to locate / pre-book multiple space types including desks, lockers, car parking and easily collaborate with colleagues and team members. Employees can benefit from in-app push notifications for booking confirmations and reminders.

Making space booking accessible.

Users can engage with a multilingual app covering seven core languages that meets the industry standards for accessibility – Job Access With Speech (JAWS®) and ZoomText®.

Additionally, our web-based application adheres to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, incorporating user-friendly design and accessibility features. Our inclusive approach ensures employees can access your workspaces and collaborate with their colleagues. The App is Single Sign-On enabled ensuring ease of access.

Effective space planning.

Enable administrators to configure the rules around workspace booking using our space planning portal:



Set attendance rules, embed organisational policies and set workspace allocation priorities.



Set the status of bookable spaces and manage space for desk, department and zones.



Create user profiles, assign users to teams and set personal preferences.

Redefine your workspace allocation with our intuitive platform.

Embed your organisational policies, attendance rules, and workspace priorities — all in one place.

Incorporate employee preferences including assigned, preferred spaces (including locations near a window or with specific equipment) or spaces in their own department.

Improve employee connections.

Our My Circle feature allows employees, by consent, to set-up a collaboration network to coordinate attendance and space, provide visibility of future bookings and live check-in status. The My Circle data can be used to support design decisions based on understanding interactions between departments.

The My Teams feature in the app enables the team manager, set as a user in the system, to book spaces for their team. The manager can book team days and schedules, with the option to book adjacent spaces, within the areas designated to the users.

Check-in with ease.

Improve user experience with flexible check-in options to suit user needs.


SPOT Tags.

Assign unique space identifiers and enable employees to scan the tag from within the app to check-in.

Workplace Sensors

Workplace Sensors.

Automated check-in and check-out based on occupancy sensor integrations with our employee experience app.

In-App Check-In

In-App Check-In.

Employees can use the ‘check-in’ button from within the app to confirm attendance at their booked space.

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