A great place to work.

Being a Freespacer is a unique opportunity to learn and be part of our inclusive culture while fully embracing our values.

Our global team works across three continents, and everyone has a genuine say in our development. We collaborate daily on projects and through regular ‘all-hands meetings’ to stay informed, ask questions, and make suggestions. It’s a great way to learn and appreciate different cultures from around the globe.

My initial days at Freespace were marked by a sense of camaraderie and shared responsibility among a small group of dedicated individuals. As both I and the company have grown, that spirit of teamwork has been a constant, shaping our progress and success.”

Rob Humphries
Accounts Executive

We also have three employee led resource groups made up of representatives from each of our global teams, that define our approach and effect real change in our business.

Natures Crew

Natures Crew.

Focusing on contributing to a more sustainable and fairer world at each stage of our product creation and deployment.

Career Crafters

Career Crafters.

Building a programme and culture of continuous learning to broaden employees career opportunities and personal growth.

Culture Committee

Culture Committee.

Transforming how people feel about work and building a positive culture across the business.

Ultimately, we want our people to enjoy being a Freespacer and to feel that they are adding value at every step.

Working at Freespace has been a pivotal career move, offering abundant opportunities for learning and growth. I’m proud to be part of a creative, client-focused team where I feel heard and empowered to make an impact as both a team member and a leader.”

Katerina Karasyova
Senior Account Manager & Head of Partnerships


We’re MSDUK Certified.

Freespace benefits.

Outside of joining our inclusive and global team, we offer:

Competitive package.



Company bonus scheme*.

Global awards recognition.

Career progression.

Hybrid Working.

Freespace Training Academy.

Paid sick leave.

*Role specific

At Freespace, I’ve journeyed from being a Project Manager to a Business Analyst, blending teamwork and planning to ensure project success. The vibrant culture keeps me excited daily, making my work here both fulfilling and impactful.

Amrita Takkar
Project Manager / Business Analyst

Job opportunities.

Passionate about making a difference? Our diverse team embraces unique skills and perspectives. Explore our career opportunities, and let’s find out if you’ll be a future Freespacer.