Leveraging intelligence.

The Freespace SPOT platform links our in-house products into an integrated solution whilst seamlessly connecting externally to your workplace applications and processes.

SPOT aggregates, analyses and visualizes data that is fed into the platform and offers an easy way to integrate with any third party system using Rest or Webhook APIs. Leverage SPOT integrations to decarbonise your portfolio, improve the user experience, reduce cost and maximize the use of available spaces.

Simple, secure and seamless access.

Eliminate password fatigue and unsafe password usage with Freespace Single Sign-On (SSO). Allowing employees to access our platform using organisational account credentials, creates a seamless and highly secure experience.

To simplify and automate the management of user profile change, we support System for Cross Domain Identity Management (SCIM) integration. This securely automates department information and employee changes enabling centralized control and improving overall system efficiency.

Meeting room booking integration.

Eliminate a key employee frustration where unoccupied meeting rooms are booked and show as unavailable. Transform the user experience and meeting room utilization by using occupancy to drive auto check-in, room release and trigger a new meeting through our proven meeting room booking system integration.

Panel integration.

Improve space utilization across your portfolio whilst improving employee productivity. Create a smart office experience by enabling employees to have a visual indicator of real-time availability. Our occupancy sensors can seamlessly integrate with digital panels to provide a live status of a room, desk and floor.

Locker integration.

Provide a seamless and secure solution for employees to safeguard their personal belongings and work equipment. Our smart locker integration works with our Employee Experience App. Employees can manage and unlock their locker through the app with a one-stop solution that enhances the overall workplace experience.

HMRS integration.

Eliminate manual updates through a simple and secure transfer of employee data into our Employee Experience App. This enables each user to be set-up and maintained with the correct user profiles so they are allocated spaces in the right department and team.

Connect Freespace and your existing platforms.

Improve efficiency and productivity through our integrations with recognized business platforms, creating a seamless and joined-up experience for your employees.


Enable users to create, modify and delete meetings through our calendar integration.

Video Conferencing.

Enable users to add a virtual Zoom link while booking a meeting through the Freespace App.

MS Teams.

Enable users to access the Freespace web portal within the MS Teams application.


Enable users to book a desk and other amenities through Slack.