A trusted partner to global employers.

Benefits of partnering with Freespace.

Diversified Business Offering

Introduce new products and technologies to benefit for your end customers that are complimentary to your core services.


Our dedicated partner team will provide all the materials and support required to effectively engage your customers.

Training & Accreditation

Our program includes formal onboarding and training modules on our products so that your team are well prepared to drive growth.

Demonstrative Value

Introducing Freespace will transform your clients ability to make key workplace decisions – they’ll never look back!

Full Support

Depending on the partnership model selected, we provide full end-to-end support for your customers – maintaining professional and high standards.

Sales Process

Our team will support you in opportunity identification, pitching and make it simple for registering new leads.

Freespace Partner solutions.

We have a fully integrated platform which is modular, meaning customers can select the technology and products relevant to their requirements. The core modules include:

Understanding Occupancy & Utilization.

Understanding how your space is used and leverage the data to make key decisions on right sizing and design.

Supporting Flexible Working & Employee Experience.

Create a technology experience with a user-friendly app to locate and reserve space, signage to navigate campus and office space and indicators to enhance the user experience.

Automation & Energy Management.

Aligning occupancy data with lighting, HVAC controls and room management systems to reduce cost and enhance the user experience.

“We chose Freespace to help us create a quality workplace experience for all Haworth members. By taking advantage of their innovative sensor technology and interactive user interface dashboard, we have uncovered information about our space that was previously unknown. We now use this data to make informed decisions about our space.”

Kristin Reddick
Senior Design Research Consultant at Haworth

More about our Partner programs.

We work with organizations across multiple sectors to introduce Freespace solutions and transform each organizations ability to make informed workplace decisions.

Referral Partners.

Introduction to your customers and we both benefit from growth opportunities.

Reseller Partners.

Using your knowledge and reach outside of our core geographies to a wide customer base.

System Integrators.

Combine our products and data into your wider ecosystem and improve the value add to your customers.

Consultant Partners.

Use Freespace as a trusted partner to deliver your clients workplace needs.

All Freespace partners are given training and materials so you can introduce and sell of products effectively. Additionally, our Partner Manager will be on-hand to support in client presentations and demonstrations.

Drive Revenue

We have a diversified set of products to suit your end customer needs with multiple approaches for revenue generation.

Improve Retention

Add an additional workstream to help overcome the challenges faced by your existing customer and diversify your product offerings.

Enhance Reputation

Freespace is a proven global workplace technology company, working with some of the most recognizable brands.

Become a Freespace Partner.

The Freespace program provides a comprehensive framework for collaboration, support, and mutual success, creating a win-win scenario for both Freespace and its partners. It’s a simple journey, which starts here:

Step 1

  • Register interest
  • Identify the right program
  • Business rules of engagement

Step 2

  • Agree commercials
  • Training and accreditation
  • Align goals and objectives

Step 3

Selling & Growth
  • Use our tools and collateral
  • Receive guidance and support
  • Regular communication