Partner organisations.

We work with organisations across multiple sectors to introduce Freespace solutions and transform each organisations ability to make informed workplace decisions.

Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Broker.

Furniture & Fit Out

Furniture & Fit Out.

Workplace Consultants

Workplace Consultants.

Audio Visual Installers

Audio Visual Installers.



Facilities Management

Facilities Management.

Partnering with Freespace

Leverage the benefits of partnering to create added value to your business.

Improve account retention

Improve account retention.

Add an additional workstream to help overcome the challenges faced by your existing customer and diversify your product offerings.

Revenue growth

Revenue growth.

We have a commercial model in place to reward our partners adding an additional income stream to your business to strengthen year-on-year performance.

Demonstrate value

Demonstrate value.

Introducing Freespace will transform your clients ability to make key workplace decisions – they’ll never look back!

Enhanced reputation

Enhanced reputation.

Rest assured, as Freespace is a proven global workplace technology company, working with some of the most recognisable brands.

All Freespace partners are given training and materials so you can introduce and sell of products effectively. Additionally, our Partner Manager will be on-hand to support in client presentations and demonstrations.

“We chose Freespace to help us create a quality workplace experience for all Haworth members. By taking advantage of their innovative sensor technology and interactive user interface dashboard, we have uncovered information about our space that was previously unknown. We now use this data to make informed decisions about our space.”

Kristin Reddick
Senior Design Research Consultant at Haworth

Installation partner

Become a certified installer and expand your business.

Certified Freespace installers are an extension of the Freespace installation team, providing us true global coverage to ensure a consistent and professional deployment across customer sites. Whether you’re an individual or large business we provide training, support and ongoing reaccreditation to make sure you’re well equipped for success.

Personalised Solutions

Improve employee collaboration and productivity.

Use our employee experience app to accommodate employee preferences and enable the booking of multiple space types. Employees can leverage our advanced functionality and create a collaboration network to coordinate attendance and space booking. Additionally, as part of any workplace redesign Workplace Managers can use this data to restack and configure floors based on departmental interactions and how people are connected.

A Seamless Workplace Journey

Easily navigate to workspaces, meeting rooms and colleagues.

Implement digital signage that will transform the employee experience and improve productivity. Create a customised display that reflects your brand and incorporates smart city information including live weather and travel updates. Enable employees to view and wayfind to booked and available spaces, colleagues and amenities across the floorplan.

Optimal Working Conditions

Improve employee collaboration and productivity.

Obtain extensive air quality insights across an area or floor with real-time dashboards. Our Pure Air Module (PAM) sensor collects data on noise, light, pressure, temperature, humidity, CO2, VOC, particulate matter, formaldehyde and a range of other parameters. This can be configured to raise alerts based on agreed thresholds to manage building controls. Additionally, understand space type popularity and utilisation so that workplace designs be can refined to create a work environment that reflects employee needs.