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Workplace Sensors.

Freespace sensors are designed to operate with a focus on anonymity and privacy protection.

Our devices use passive infrared or thermal imaging technology, meaning they are non-optical, have no camera and have no ability to record. This eliminates visual data capture and ensures complete user privacy in sensitive areas. We use advanced anonymisation techniques to dissociate the collected data from any personal identifiers. This approach ensures that the insights and analytics we provide remain solely focused on space utilisation and optimisation, without compromising individual privacy.

Employee Experience Application.

When your employees use our product to book spaces, we aim to keep the collection of personal data to a minimum – adhering to a “no unnecessary information” policy.

We prioritise the security and privacy of our user’s data, and any personal information collected during the booking process is encrypted and securely stored. Freespace does not share this data with third parties or use it for purposes beyond the core functionality of the application. Additionally, our application is equipped with robust access controls and authentication mechanisms, preventing unauthorised access to sensitive data.

Analytics & AI Platform.

Our analytics platform ensures that all data is subjected to stringent anonymisation protocols, ensuring the derivation of robust statistical insights without compromising individual identity.

This data-driven analytics approach serves to empower secure and informed decision-making processes. Our ongoing commitment encompasses technological refinement, continuous optimisation of the analytics portal, and the exploration of different integration pathways.


All products are built with security by design located in our chosen cloud provider which is highly certified to industry standards, our own platform has been developed in line with the OWASP framework and all internal processes following ISO 27001 frameworks.

By incorporating these comprehensive privacy methods into our workplace sensors and employee experience application, we aim to exceed industry standards and provide our customers with the utmost confidence in their data privacy and security while using our products.

ISO 27001 compliant

ISO 27001 compliant.

GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance.

100% anonymised sensors

100% anonymised sensors.

Edge Device with Secure Silicon

Edge Device with Secure Silicon.

AWS hosted

AWS hosted.