Social Distancing at Work2

Social Distancing Design Service

The Social Distancing Design Service helps you quickly and accurately calculate an occupancy plan based on your existing furniture layout. The service combines our AutoCAD integration with an algorithm that calculates a Social Distancing threshold. The parameters are used to present a calculated social distancing layout. Depending on your floor geometry it may be advantageous to have two sets of spaces for alternating days.


You can also try out the algorithm on this page where the options to change the threshold, a safety buffer and human diameter allows you to calculate different outcomes. You may also choose to have one or two sets of spaces for different occupancy strategies. 

Test drive the social distancing calculator


Digital Signage

New features within our digital signage help to communicate the social distancing policy and show which spaces are safe and available for use. Clear navigation to the space ensures employees take the most efficient journey, minimising interaction. 

The signage can also indicates areas that are blocked off, such as floors, canteens or social areas.


Digital floorplans can be updated regularly as the situation evolves.

Desks can be assigned to colour-coded groups for use on alternating days to maximise the time between use. Our digital signage can indicate the desk colour for the day and the available spaces from the entrance, minimising the wandering time spent searching for a space.


Safe Return App

From split shifts and teams, to rotated days or weeks, Freespace can help you manage the space and communicate the scheduling of workspace to your employees.  

The Freespace app enables employees to plan when to go into the office as well as directing them to spaces that are safe to use, locate nearest amenities that are open and when to navigate around the office at times of lowest congestion.


SPOT System

SPOT is a versatile tagging system that allows each location to have a unique ID which can be used in a variety of ways. SPOT tags combined with the Freespace Safe Return App can help employees confirm if the space they are about to use has been cleaned and not occupied since then. SPOT tags can be used by the cleaning teams to confirm a space has been cleaned using our Cleanreader. For more applications of SPOT tags visit

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