Workplace technology company Freespace has launched an occupancy based cleaning solution to support the implementation of dynamic cleaning schedules using live occupancy data.

The solution further automates communication of hygiene standards via live digital signage to increase employee reassurance and dispel the heightened fear of non-sanitized workplaces.

Cleaning Audit Tools - Cleanreader Device by Freespace


The Cleanreader, a handheld device designed to prioritize cleaning resources, uses live occupancy data from Freespace sensors or other scheduling platforms to receive ‘push’ notifications that inform cleaning operatives a space has been vacated and requires cleaning.

When integrated with the SPOT system, the cleaning operatives use the Cleanreader to scan the desk or meeting room SPOT tag which digitally marks it as cleaned, releasing the space back into the availability pool. Digital signage showing space availability is automatically updated and the activity is captured in the Freespace platform where it is used for auditing and reporting purposes.

Daily Clean Report

Freespace has developed a Daily Clean Report to support resource planning by utilizing occupancy data to ensure maximum benefit of periodic or scheduled cleans. The report uses an office’s existing floorplan to visually demarcate the spaces which have been occupied and cleaned during a specific time period, enabling prioritized cleaning activities on higher risk areas.

The report integrates the data from the Cleanreader and Freespace sensors, providing a holistic approach to understanding, scheduling and reporting on cleaning operations in the workplace.

Employee reassurance

Digital signage will encourage employees to adopt the desired hygienic behavior, alongside social distancing, by displaying live data on cleaning activities undertaken and visually identifying clean spaces to avoid cross-contamination.

Facilities teams can utilize this technology to deliver a methodical cleaning practice as well as visibly communicate the preventative measures being taken to reassure the wider office population.

“COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of providing hygienic workplace environments to ensure good health and wellbeing, particularly as there’s still mixed evidence suggesting how long the virus might last on different surfaces.

The Cleanreader has been developed to support businesses with these complexities and to help alleviate any anxieties and concerns surrounding hygiene as people gradually head back to work. However, simply increasing cleaning frequencies isn’t going to be enough and will put too much strain on resources. A more targeted and on-demand approach is required.

There is an opportunity to dynamically target cleaning activities around actual usage and occupancy. We hope our solution will help FM and cleaning teams maximize the availability of the reduced building capacities throughout the day, as well as support the back-to-work behavioral transition.