Wayfinding is an effective tool to help people navigate a space, particularly across large areas such as campuses and office buildings. Even though it is usually found as physical signage using design elements to signpost information, directions or warnings, have you ever considered digital signage for your space? It’s safe to say that people feel more uncomfortable returning to a space with a difficult navigation experience than to one that is easy, enjoyable and convenient. Wayfinding has been designed to improve this, creating a sense of safety in unfamiliar places and managing the flow of traffic for an overall positive experience. So, how can digital signage enhance wayfinding?

Digital Signage Enhances Wayfinding By…

Reinforcing Your Brand Messaging

Digital signage is fully customizable to your brand, so you can create a familiar space for employees or visitors whilst reinforcing your brand messaging. You have the ability and creativity to display your logo, specific colors and other elements to maintain consistency and build brand recognition.

Providing a Clear Communication Tool

Following on from above, your brand’s tone of voice can be translated through text communication displayed on digital signage, enhancing familiarity. Furthermore, with our announcements capability, you are able to keep this updated with news, performance, social communications or building updates, so your employees and visitors will always be up to date with any changes and feel more in the loop.

This type of wayfinding will enhance your employee’s and visitor’s sense of security and make them feel valued as you share information you know is important to them. Weather and travel updates can also be available through smart city integrations.

Delivering Real-Time Information

As well as delivering real-time announcements, digital signage can enhance wayfinding by providing a live view of booked and available workspaces. Together with our occupancy sensor and space booking integrations, employees and visitors will be able to easily locate a desk, meeting room or person, in addition to a visual navigation route.

The touchscreen wayfinding navigation makes this even easier and you can have peace of mind that your information is secure with an additional security layer. Through our own MTLS certification and whitelisted URLs, the server can only access predetermined sites.

Organizing Office Space

This real-time information includes a snapshot of live space availability across multiple floors. Acting as a navigation assistant, occupants can easily find colleagues, amenities, workspaces and meeting rooms which improves productivity and the overall work environment.

Maximizing Uptime

By choosing digital signage with Freespace, you will benefit from proactive monitoring of all media servers so there is minimal downtime. Any technical issues can be dealt with immediately by our 24/7 technical support team, so employee experience standards are confidently maintained.

Digital Signage & Wayfinding with Freespace

As you can see, there are many ways in which digital signage can enhance wayfinding in your office space. The navigational capabilities mean user experience is improved, productivity levels increase, plus you can boost your brand all within one technology.

Contact us to discuss wayfinding digital signage today and find out how we can help enhance your space.