The rise of hybrid working has introduced some challenges which can be remedied with the use of data and insights – particularly to manage space utilization. Even if you have a scheduled roster of when employees will be office working, sometimes it is not this predictable, and the employee experience can be impacted by this.

Luckily, space utilization analytics have been designed to gather data related to the use of physical space within offices or facilities and help make informed decisions regarding space management.

There are a number of benefits to analyzing this data and with the support of Freespace’s Integrated Technology and Analytics & AI, this is even easier.

Integrated Technology & Sensors

At Freespace, we have a wide range of work occupancy and utilization sensors that can be integrated into your workspace to collect data and insights to manage space use.

  • People Counting: FLO sensors are placed at the entry / exit points to floors or specific areas (i.e. cafeteria) and use thermal imaging to capture bi-directional counts.
  • Single Occupancy: If you have multiple space types (i.e. desks, phone booths, etc.) then our ONE sensor is well suited. However, if you have a large, open plan office then wide area sensing using our TIM+ sensor may be a better solution.
  • Multiple Occupancy: The TIM sensor collects data on multiple occupants in one space (i.e. meeting rooms or open collaboration areas) and provide live updates on room usage, along with insights on the actual, average and maximum people in the room and where they sit.

All of our sensors have been designed to gather information to help organizations enhance their space configuration and utilization, provide optimal working conditions, and ultimately improve the employee experience. By using this data alongside our AI & analytics, you will be able to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

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Analytics & AI Insights for Space Utilization

Our Real Estate Analytics Portal, Freespace Insights and Business Intelligence Consultancy harnesses the power of AI and our products to analyze space utilization and offer recommendations to help you make educated decisions. Building Managers, FM Managers and Workplace Designers will benefit from our Real Estate Analytics Portal as it provides real-time insights as well as historical data to compare people demand, working conditions and busyness levels.

Whether you want to manage the data yourselves or you’d like our bespoke offerings, our Freespace Insights provide both options. By opting for our reporting module, you can benchmark data such as dwell time, meeting room demand, space utilization by department and more. Gather evidence to support decision-making when it comes to your workspace.

Alternatively, let us help you with our Business Intelligence Consultancy service where we provide expert recommendations from in-depth data analysis and modelling. The main benefit of using our BI team and AI solutions to manage space utilization is that we can help you make confident workplace decisions using holistic insights.

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Managing Space Utilization with Data & Insights from Freespace

If you’re looking for a better way to manage your office space use, then our sensors together with AI & Analytics can be used together to help you make informed decisions about optimizing your workplace.

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