The client.

This client case study has been written about a £1.4bn international law firm offering legal and tax advice across its network of 17 different affiliated companies, located in 70 offices across the globe.

Freespace has helped the international law firm harness the power of the The SPOT Platform and scanners create a clean and sanitized environment for employees. Providing affordable, targeted, and focused cleaning for staff as part of a return-to-office solution.

Freespace provides occupancy sensing solutions to their London HQ, with over 700 desk sensors installed across several floors, telephone booths, and meeting spaces. Freespace technologies manage the day-to-day occupancy of their configured office space, providing alignment with user demands and needs.

Industry: Legal services.

Location: USA.

Product: SPOT tags, Cleanreader and cleaning module, analytics.

Solution: Return to office.


  • Evidence 100% cleaning and sanitation compliance of designated spaces.
  • High levels of staff approval with risk reduction and Covid control measures put in place.
  • Create a safe and compliant return-to-office solution for its staff.

The challenge.

The law firm turned to Freespace for help in creating a solid return-to-office solution for their workforce. They wanted to ensure they had taken all practical control measures to keep the workplace socially distanced, clean, and sanitized. To connect physical spaces and actions and achieve a complete management audit trail and traceability of their post-Covid return-to-office cleaning regime.

Return to office.

Introduce control measures to keep the workplace socially distanced, clean, and sanitized.

Connect physical spaces and actions.

Provide tagging system to uniquely ID every desk and workspace, usable in various ways.

Socially distanced spaces.

Differentiate space settings to achieve physical distancing as per changing requirements over time.

Audit trail and traceability.

Document the time and dates of every space cleaned and occupied to enable contact tracing.

The solution.

Freespace helped to plan the spaces available within the law firms office environment:

  • Ensuring available desks and shared spaces were socially distanced to reduce the risk of transmission from person to person.
  • The deployment involved installing intelligent SPOT Tags across 60 restrooms, kitchens, and cellular office spaces at the New York HQ.
  • SPOT Tags enable each location to be uniquely identifiable within an office space and across real estate.
  • The law firm’s cleaning teams were issued Freespace Cleanreaders to provide auditing software and automated cleaning schedules. 

As part of the return-to-office solution, cleaning teams received a daily electronic program of cleaning tasks, structured as a logically sequenced workflow from one space to the next:

  • Job lists and workflow sequencing are automated and completed electronically at exact space locations. With this system, cleaners work through their schedule, scanning SPOT Tags before starting a clean and then again on completion.
  • A simple process to document the time and dates of every space cleaned, supporting cleaning supervisory and quality audit regimes. 

The introduction of the Freespace dashboard and reporting tools allowed cleaning supervisors and facility managers to visualize essential cleaning performance data – informing space cleaning status and completion by day.

Our impact.

Multi-office cleaning compliance.

Freespace return-to-office solution enabled the renowned law firm to evidence 100% cleaning and sanitation compliance across office locations.

Increased employee satisfaction and confidence.

Staff have reported high levels of approval with the company’s Covid and risk control measures. Employee feedback overall was very positive.

Auditable cleaning process.

Employees felt confident there was a robust and auditable cleaning process ensuring their safety, mainly due to the highly visual SPOT Tags.