The client.

This client case study has been written about a £1.4bn international law firm offering legal and tax advice across its network of 17 different affiliated companies, located in 70 offices across the globe.

Freespace has helped an international law firm harness the power of occupancy sensors to create a clean and sanitized environment for employees. Providing affordable, targeted, and focused cleaning for staff as part of a return-to-office solution.

Freespace provides occupancy sensing solutions to their London HQ, with over 700 desk sensors installed across several floors, telephone booths, and meeting spaces. Freespace technologies manage the day-to-day occupancy of their configured office space, providing alignment with user demands and needs. 

Industry: Legal services.

Location: London.

Deployment size: 800 devices, 7 floors.

Technology: Occupancy sensors, cleaning reporting module.

Solution: Return to office.


  • Flexible working early adopter.
  • UK post lockdown 1 & 2. 

The challenge.

The international law firm sought Freespace’s help in developing management response to the Covid-crises in early 2020. Their main focus was to facilitate a safe, compliant and orderly return to office for key and essential workers as part of a flexible approach to hybrid home and office working

The law firm required focused and targeted cleaning and compliance measures for a smaller subset of essential employees. To give them the necessary assurance that it was safe to return to office and those spaces would be clean and sanitized. 

Return to office.

Facilitate a safe, compliant and orderly return to office for key and essential workers.

Targeted cleaning.

Providing necessary assurance that spaces would be clean and sanitized.

Employee experience.

Enabling users to find out information about a space allowing navigation and feedback.

Real-time insights.

Monitoring of workspace use to identify patterns, and generate occupancy reports.

The solution.

Freespace designed a social distancing solution alongside the law firms’ requirements, reinstalling occupancy sensors to create a safer environment for employees returning to the office:

  • The configuration of the working environment included socially distanced desks, and meeting spaces, with live sensors feeding into the Freespace reporting and analytics platform.
  • The occupancy sensors enabled constant monitoring of desk and meeting room use, providing the law firm with usage data, patterns, and occupancy reports.
  • Facilities teams used occupancy insights in real-time to support a proactive and dynamic approach to cleaning and sanitization.
  • Visual data exports show the facilities team when and where each space was occupied and Freespace’s daily cleaning report directed cleaning programs and schedules. This enabled the law firm to clean used areas each day, with real-time cleaning interventions, as required, for meeting spaces. With this data, the client scheduled enhanced deep cleans for all used spaces over the weekend, reinforcing the daily cleaning and control measures.

Our impact.

Focused and effective return to office solution.

Freespace and the international law firm successfully integrated sensor data to provide a focused and effective Covid cleaning and sanitization policy.

High office occupancy and compliance.

More than 95% of essential staff now regularly attend the office, reporting high levels of confidence and satisfaction with the safety and compliance measures put in place.

Efficient and enhanced cleaning.

The standard office cleaning policy is now significantly enhanced – with spot and deep cleans at a fraction of the cost, saving thousands on existing cleaning budgets reserved previously for ‘blanket’ and untargeted cleaning approaches.