Freespace is pleased to announce that we’ve launched carbon dioxide (CO2) monitoring on our platform! The solution is based on our parent module and connects to a child sensor that incorporates the CO2 module. This sensor uses advanced algorithms to measure the levels of CO2 in the air, providing you with real-time readings that organizations can use to help keep office environments healthy and safe.

The carbon dioxide sensor

Freespace CO2 sensors use high accuracy dual channel pyroelectric detectors featuring very high signal-to-noise ratio and temperature compensation. We’ve also had their accuracy, repeatability and consistency independently validated by a 3rd party. As a result, our sensors are perfect for air quality measurement applications requiring high levels of accuracy and response.

Our sensors are installed across floorplans to report on real-time measurements and raise alerts as predetermined levels become exceeded. The data they collect feeds into our online portal along the same dashboard that displays real-time occupancy statistics. With increasing evidence that air quality affects employee productivity, the importance of understanding the levels of CO2 in a working environment has never been greater. A key factor influencing spikes in CO2 concentration is people’s activity. Organizations looking to improve air quality should measure levels continuously to understand how they vary throughout the day. Freespace sensors make this effortless.

Additionally, you can control the measures our sensors report on, remotely predefining safe levels and defining the frequency according to your requirements. Our online portal also offers easy access to analytics and data through a fully responsive dashboard, displaying the information you need when you need it.

Improving employee productivity

Studies have shown that the CO2 levels in a room can affect how people feel. Too much CO2 can cause people to feel tired and lethargic, while too little can cause people to feel anxious and stressed. By detecting the levels of CO2 in the air, organizations can drive adjustments to ventilation and airflow when needed, keeping CO2 levels within safe limits and, in turn, employees happy and healthy.

Our carbon dioxide monitoring solution allows real-time detection of CO2 and the opportunity to adjust accordingly, maintain healthy levels of CO2 day-to-day and improve worker productivity. Our data provides critical information for the relevant teams to take action or integrate with critical systems such as BMS.

Ensuring the well-being of employees

Organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of employee safety and health in the workplace. Long-term exposure to unsafe levels of carbon dioxide has related health issues. Those monitoring CO2 can mitigate the effects of CO2 and ensure the well-being of their people.

If you’re looking to gather the data needed to make a difference and provide quality working environments for employees, get in touch with our team.