In most 9-5 roles, your team will spend around a third of their life in the office, so the physical workspace can have a significant impact on their overall employee experience. It’s an important source of job satisfaction, shaping psychological and behavioural outcomes for employees and determining their ability to work most effectively.

Ultimately, the physical workspace needs to provide employees with a comfortable and calm setting to lower their stress levels and reduce pressure. This, in turn, leads to a more productive atmosphere where they can produce their best work. An increase in productivity results in a rise in profitability and innovation which can be a contributing factor to a better work life balance and organizational change.

The physical workspace plays a vital role in employee experience, so how can you optimize yours to better your employees’ experience?

How to Improve the Physical Workplace

At Freespace, we have a range of software and hardware to enhance your workspace and ease the day-to-day operations of your business.

Employee Experience App

Our Employee Experience app has been designed to provide tools for your employees to find and reserve spaces, such as desks, lockers, car parking, as well as the ability to connect and collaborate with colleagues.

By configuring the app to your workspace, you are in control of setting rules and policies plus the status of bookable space. Employees can set their preferences to make sure they have a higher chance of booking the space they want, making them feel more comfortable and secure.

The “My Circle” feature on the app is where employees can co-ordinate attendance and space, in addition to provide visibility of future bookings and live check-in status. The “My Team” feature on the apps is where managers can book spaces, team days and schedules. Using these tools can benefit organization, enabling  every team member to be kept in the loop with day-to-day operations and aid productivity overall.


At Freespace, we have a range of patented sensors to enhance your physical workspace and improve the employee experience. With 3 different workspace occupancy and utilization sensors to choose from, you can decide which solution would be best for your business. Providing live people counts of an office, floor or specific area, you and your team can always be aware of how your space is being utilized and availability of workspace.

We also offer an air quality sensor so you can create the optimum working conditions for your employees. Air quality plays an important part in the employee experience as it contributes to a comfortable environment. Measuring noise, light, pressure, temperature, humidity and other parameters, it provides useful information to ensure your physical workspace is in the best condition.


Another way to measure your workspace occupancy is by using our Proximity Assisted Light (PAL). With a dynamic light indicator reflecting the availability of a space, your employees can easily identify working space in your office. This ultimately removes the stress of figuring out where you will settle for you workday in agile and hot-desking environments, improving the employee experience.

Wayfinding Digital Signage

Customizable digital signage enables you to present a live status of space availability and wayfinding capabilities, amplifying our space management solutions. By having this information readily available when employees get to work, this will ease them into the workday and manage their expectations, ultimately reducing their stress. Live touchscreen navigation means they can easily locate a desk, meeting room or person across multiple floors, so there’s no fear of the unknown.

There is no one solution that fits all as every workspace and organization is different. However, the overriding factor is that employee experience is paramount in every business and Freespace have the hardware and software to improve employee productivity, collaboration and wellbeing.

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