We are thrilled to announce the launch of our social media campaign, “Make space for more: a leadership perspective”. Inspired by our mission to empower businesses to achieve more, by reconnecting people, workspaces and activity. This campaign will provide a unique insight into how the leaders at Freespace not only define but also embody the concept of ‘more’ in their roles.

In this series of posts, our leaders will share their thoughts on what ‘more’ means to them – it could be more innovation, more growth, more efficiency, or more employee satisfaction. Their perspectives will shape a holistic understanding of our core values, drive our corporate culture, and inspire our dedication to creating superior workspaces.

By following this campaign, you’ll have the chance to gain valuable insights into the mindset that drives the leadership at Freespace. You’ll understand their vision, their commitment to excellence, and their relentless pursuit of achieving ‘more’.

We invite you to follow us on Linkedin to to participate, engage, and spread the word – join the conversation using our official hashtag:

#MakeSpaceForMore – look beyond mere workspace management and envision your workspace as a source of opportunity.

As we delve into the minds of our leaders, we hope to inspire each of you to “Make space for more” in your professional roles.