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Connect data, people and the places where work happens

Discover the full range of Freespace solutions changing workplace experiences and improving asset management for corporate organizations worldwide. Utilize the technology behind cost savings, increase productivity and improve employee engagement and gather the data your organization needs to connect people with the spaces they work in with real estate strategies.

Enabling hybrid working

Discover how you can create flexible and productive working environments designed to increase collaboration and support hybrid workforces. Providing a variety of settings to support specific work activity needs and adapting space availability around agile working patterns. Gathering valuable insights to inform real-time changes for hybrid working environments.

Optimizing real estate portfolio

Discover how you can improve performance and optimize your real estate footprint. Utilizing detailed people, space use and environmental analytics. Combining data from various sources into a central platform to inform real estate decisions and forecast future developments.

Design ideation and workplace efficiency

Discover how technology can invigorate good workplace design and provide insights to inform future space type needs. Utilizing dynamic space planning tools and real time data to validate the return from your investment. Comparing the performance of space by types and usage within a central analytics platform to refine current workplace layouts and enable ideation for new office space.

Creating safe and hygienic workplaces

Discover how Freespace technology can deliver a versatile cleaning operation and provide the analytics needed for effective monitoring and compliance. Digitizing cleaning operations with a unified system based on actual occupancy, aligning hygiene data capture with employee communication, to create efficient cleaning operation. Complete with analytics portal to visualize live and historic usage, cleaning stats and efficacy of operations.

Driving towards NET Zero

Discover how technology can provide the analytics to enable real estate optimization and reduce energy consumption across your organization’s portfolio. Regulate space demand and ensure efficient use of resources and facilities. Facilitate easy decision making to reduce carbon footprints with data across people, spaces, and the environment in one location.

Improving employee experiences and engagement

Discover how you can connect employees and offices, protect the wellbeing of your workforce and create a seamless employee-centric office experience. Integrating feedback surveys to align qualitative feedback with detailed data insights gathered across people, their environment and workplace preferences, to improve how people use space through visibility and interaction.

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