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Portfolio Optimisation

Managing a large real estate portfolio in an effective and responsive way is impossible without efficient, reliable data. This is compounded when there is an imperative to rationalise, relocate, acquire or merge a business. Freespace provides the indisputable evidence that eases decision making.

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Workplace Enhancement

Workplace environments play an important role in defining the employee experience. This in turn aides recruitment, productivity and retention. Occupancy data can provide deep insights into how employee interacts with the workplace which can be used to improve its design, operation and the overall employee experience.

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Employee Engagement

Great companies aspire to create a common workplace brand to shape their corporate culture. Our custom branded interactive digital signage combines the value of real-time space availability with intuitive touch navigation to deliver a common workplace experience across the corporate portfolio.

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Smart Infrastructure

Delivering the effective and efficient management of workplace operations and resources can be a challenge without accurate real-time information. Freespace facilitates the proactive management of building infrastructure and resource allocation through occupancy-led automation.