When you first think of smart lockers, you may think of sending and receiving parcels, but this innovative technology has brought an extremely helpful use case into the workplace for storing personal items and enhancing the employee experience.

This blog will provide an introduction to smart lockers and enable you to consider whether they’re right for your organization.

What Are Smart Lockers?

Instead of using a lock and key, smart lockers provide storage and use technology-based solutions to access the contents securely. Not only does this technology add another layer of security, but it gives your business insight into who is using which locker and when, so you can keep track of personal assets.  

How Are Smart Lockers Integrated?

At Freespace, we provide the ability to manage smart lockers through our Employee Experience App. The app has the ability to unlock the lockers and provide the data needed to efficiently manage the storage space for your employees’ personal belongings. The Employee Experience App makes sure office amenities can be accessed all in one place, so it is seamless and secure, as well as convenient.

Benefits of Implementing Smart Lockers in the Workplace

Improved Workplace Efficiency

Smart lockers improve workplace efficiency as the technology enables the organization to implement a flexible on-demand storage solution for employee belongings.

Paired with the Employee Experience App, employees can safely store their personal items and devices during the workday as well as overnight, if necessary. It is easy to use and keep on track of belongings, so employees always know their possessions and devices are safe and where they need to be. This convenience has the flexibility to work around varying shift patterns, giving employees peace of mind there will always be a secure solution available for them.

More Cost-Effective Operations

With the ability to keep close track of belongings, employees can have peace of mind that they know exactly where they are and minimize asset losses. Without the need for a lock and key, losing them and other human errors are much less likely, resulting in more cost-effective operations.

The Employee Experience App gives visibility over when smart lockers are opened and closed, along with the reasons why and who. This results in a completely reliable solution for both employees and employers.

Enhanced Employee Experience

By providing instant access to their own lockers with our Employee Experience App, employee satisfaction is higher as management of their belongings and devices is much easier.

Smart lockers are typically available to use 24/7, depending on the office opening times, so no matter when they need access or when they need to keep their belongings protected, they will be available. This availability and ease of use helps improve productivity which means employees will be happier.

Our Employee Experience App not only gives you access, but it also has the ability to locate and book other space types such as car parking, desks and meeting rooms. Designed to make working in an office a positive experience, these capabilities – and more! – reduce anxiety and stress levels among employees, significantly improving their day-to-day.

As you can see, smart lockers can prove to be a huge asset in your organization all the while protecting your assets. Use smart lockers for workplace efficiency and utilize our Employee Experience App for the ultimate convenience.

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