There’s nothing worse than planning on using a meeting room before realizing that it’s already been booked or is being used. Whether it’s lack of communication, employees not keeping the shared calendar up to date or last minute planning, it creates stress and an unpleasant employee and visitor experience.

Luckily, there is a way to remove the risk of this scenario occurring. With Freespace technology, we can help improve your office organization and implement tools to prevent double booking meeting rooms. Read below for more information.

Workplace Occupancy Sensors

A quick and easy way of knowing what meeting rooms are being used is implementing our workplace occupancy sensors; in particular, our ONE, TIM and PAL sensors. These non-optical sensors protect personal information and comply with privacy and confidentiality requirements.

Our ONE sensor uses passive infrared technology (PIR) positioned under the desk to capture occupancy information for workspaces, including meeting rooms. Alternatively, our TIM sensor uses thermal imaging positioned on the ceiling to identify multiple individuals. All of this information can be used to update digital signage, the Employee Experience App and digital room panels to provide real-time room availability status. This way, employees can gain insight into when meeting rooms are available or occupied.

Another option is our Proximity Assisted Light (PAL) sensor which signals workspace and meeting room availability with a dynamic light indicator. This enables employees to immediately identify space availability whilst promoting energy efficiency by supporting heating and light conservation.

Not only this, but our room booking and panel integration receives data from the sensors which triggers auto check-in and activates room release when it is unoccupied for an agreed period of time. This removes the risk of employees not being able to book rooms even though they aren’t occupied. Our proven meeting room booking integration can also trigger a new meeting making this entire process efficient and streamlined.

Digital Wayfinding Signage

Following on from the points made above, all this data collected by our workplace occupancy sensors can be displayed for all employees to see on digital wayfinding signage. Live status of space availability means it couldn’t be easier to find available meeting rooms; search across multiple floors with the lobby view or floor-by-floor with the floor view.

Having this birds-eye view gives employees the confidence to use meeting rooms with the knowledge that they aren’t already being used. If all meeting rooms are occupied, live status of space availability gives them options to utilize other collaboration spaces if necessary. With touchscreen wayfinding navigation, both employees and visitors can simply locate specific areas and make their way using the visual navigation route.

Workplace Space Management Technology

Our Visitor Manager product also helps prevent double booking meeting rooms. With the ability to pre-register visitors and reserve an allocated meeting room, everything can be organized before the visitor arrives so employees can remove stress.

The check-in process is automated and the visitor will be notified of their registration which includes arrival instructions. This ensures that the visitor experience is extremely efficient and there is no risk of double booking meeting rooms or collaborative spaces.

Provide exceptional employee and visitor experience using Freespace technology. Employee anxiety is released with the ability to always be aware of room occupancy and utilization and visitor frustrations with double booked meeting are eliminated.

Book a demo today to see how our solutions can streamline your business’ organization and prevent double booking meeting rooms in the future.