Freespace ONE


Our portfolio includes a variety of sensors such as occupancy, environment and air quality; ceiling, wall mount or under desk; battery operated or mains powered. With over 100,000 sensors deployed globally to date our experience is unmatched in this service.

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Analytics - real time 2


Our easy to use dashboards and reports provide live insights with real-time floor maps or detailed historical utilisation analysis. We have applied analytics to a variety of outcomes such as data-driven design, proactive service and maintenance, safety compliance and environmental analysis.

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Adobe floor signage


Our suite of client branded signage options provide real-time visibility of available workspaces, meeting rooms and resources with a goal to improve productivity, efficiency and information in the workplace. 

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Room booking systems


Freespace has established integrations with many systems to enable occupancy-led automation of room bookings and building controls.

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Our support capability is a core pillar of strength for our services. We cover the entire life cycle of the client relationship starting from Installation Planning to a full scale Business Intelligence service to assist our clients in their workplace engineering journey. 

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