What is it?

Easy to use identification system to operate social distancing in the office. Colour coded and numbered tags each with unique QR code identifiers. Tags are stuck on individual desks to allow easy identification by office users, cleaning staff and facilities teams.

What is it used for?

  • Allows organisations to operate social distancing without major reconfiguration of the desks and office layouts.
  • Helps staff to locate a cleaned and socially distanced available spaces – either pre-booked OR turn-up and use.

Why should I use it?

  • To maximise return to work attendance in your workplace
  • Helping staff understand and comply with social distancing rules
  • To safeguard the safety and wellbeing of your staff
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Used in conjunction with

Freespace Return to Work App

to allow staff to reserve an allocated space ahead of their visit to the office.

Freespace Occupancy Sensors

to allow staff real-time access to a cleaned and socially distanced space.

Freespace Digital Signage

to enable understanding of social distancing rules and desk availability on any given day.

Freespace Cleanreader

to evidence cleaning compliance and ensure used spaces are cleaned and disinfected between users.

Spot tags and social distancing chart

How does it work?

  • Social distancing rules are used to space plan the office
  • Desks are labelled using our unique system of numbered and coloured coded QR SPOT Tags
  • Colour codes are used for different days of the week or alternate weeks in accordance with company space requirements, cleaning requirements, return to work and accommodation strategy

Option 1: With Return to Work App

  • Staff use the Return to Work App to reserve a socially distanced desk at their preferred location ahead of the date of travel
  • Desks are allocated dynamically the day before to ensure the right number of socially distanced spaces are cleaned and available for use
  • Staff are pre-allocated a coloured, numbered desk and location making it easy for them to locate their workspace ahead of their day of arrival
  • Digital signage helps staff to make their way to their pre-booked space on that day
  • Staff ‘check-in’ on arrival by using their smart phone to scan their QR code
  • System accepts the ‘check-in’ reservation, shows the historical usage of the desk and confirms the desk has been cleaned ahead of use

Option 2: With Occupancy Sensors

  • Staff simply turn up and go to their designated workplace
  • Workplace is configured into socially distanced spaces with colour coded desks used on different days of week
  • Cleaned and sanitised desks available for use that day are clearly identified on the Freespace digital signage in communal areas and thoroughfares
  • Digital signage helps staff to make their way to a cleaned and available desk on that day
  • Once a desk is occupied it is removed from the system that day providing real time information in relation to desk availability by area and floor

Employee Benefits

Ease of use and reassurance in relation to social distancing and office cleaning and hygiene regimes

Employer Benefits

Employee reassurance – maximises back to work attendances

Spot tag on desk corner

Our SPOT Tag System

  • Ensures social distancing rules are adhered to
  • Supports desk booking by allowing employees to reserve and then check-in to their space
  • Enhances compliance by evidencing cleaning of desk before use
  • Maximises utilisation of space by enabling ‘split operations’ and ‘attendances’ by allowing alternate use of desks over time