Over the past year, the advancement of workplace technology has been highly effective and evident. Leading to incredible changes in procedures for several industries and businesses – proven profitable.

The significance of workspaces has grown and boosted the need for high-quality developments to help workers deliver the task at hand. And employees are more attracted to the source of their productivity than before.  

Covid-19 has spotlighted the advantages of technology in the workplace and its everlasting impact. In turn, speeding up the adoption of these innovative technologies and the ordinance of work-from-home (WFH).  

Considering the Omicron variant and its potential to shackle plans on resuming work, an understanding of the latest techno-trends becomes extremely valuable. Implementing a progressive attitude into the workplace is a matter of choice. When the choice is to enable productivity, combined with emerging trends, considerable progress is made. 

Now is the perfect time to explore the trends, solutions, and benefits of the technologies contributing to making workplaces more desirable. 

Hybrid work technology  

The increasing appetite for corporate flexibility among employees is huge. As per the Economic Times report in Sep 2021, approximately 75% of employees were looking forward to working in-office at least once a week, compared to 52% in 2020. In November, the Freespace Index reported 47% of offices globally saw employees returning to the workplace. Most available spaces up to a fifth occupied. Bringing importance to hybrid working solutions

Occupancy-led infrastructure management has made it possible for businesses around the world to deal with the safety demands of employees. Employee well-being and satisfaction are the keys to helping businesses overcome the loss in workplace occupancy. For instance, enforcing social distancing in the office and presenting live space availability with the help of digital signage to assure employees of safety measures in place. 

Hybrid work technology provides the flexibility needed to create meaningful initiatives and enables them to be traced out for maximum effect. 

Workplace health and safety technology 

The month of November witnessed a gradual increase in the occupancy rate across every region – the Freespace Index report showing a global average occupancy rate of 24% for Nov 2021. Increasing demand for highly agile workspaces that can assure and guarantee safety and hygiene to the employees.  

Until and unless, assurance exists, employees will naturally find it difficult to be fully productive in the workplace. Every employee-oriented development in the workplace, regarding health precautions, can count as a stepping-stone in identifying the pain points of the organization.  

The importance of having a device such as the Freespace Cleanreader scanner for real-time, efficient cleaning and sanitization is high. Minimizing the spread of pathogens by ensuring QR Spot tags, automated entries, so on and so forth, is the first step to the acceptance of the ‘new normal working motive’. Monitoring hygiene has become 10 times more essential since the Covid-19 outbreak.   

Reaffirming your workplace culture and values as per the demand of the employees is vital – and workplace health and safety technology exists to help serve this purpose. 

Cloud-based management systems

Analytics or cloud-based dashboards to better understand available resources and space. The way we work is changing, and the introduction of digital tools to better serve employees and digitize workspaces not only changes the viewpoint but also paves ways for entirely different approaches to work.  

With high-end features like historical analysis, threshold analytics, environment analysis, live floor maps, and daily heating maps; it becomes easier to improve safety compliance, proactive maintenance of service, and data-driven resources. Cloud-based management systems are always worthy of consideration.   

The employee experience is the gateway to new opportunities for any concerned firm. Amidst new challenges, it becomes vital that we identify the desired change and adopt new technologies that fit into our requirements. To understand the pain points and deliver the best employee experience, one needs to first identify and then follow up on the trends. 

Hence, be the change and witness your organizational dream come true! Evaluate the technology trends to make a difference. Because as Alvin Toffler once said:   

Perhaps, make the most of it. 

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