It is a new year and a time to decide how to make the most of the year ahead. The beauty of setting new year resolutions is how they motivate us to keep striving and keep going. 

We all consider new year resolutions as personal goals to achieve. However, these resolutions can extend to the workplace. What makes your organization stand out from your competitors will be your concern for employees. 

The professional life of an individual is as important as their personal life. In fact, as per the studies, people spend one-third of their lives working. Therefore, identifying what your employees need from the workplace is your responsibility. So why not set some work-orientated resolutions to create a better working environment? 

To get you started, we have described three work-oriented resolutions to help to drive success for your organization in 2022. Because:

Adopting a hybrid work model

The first work-oriented resolution to drive success to your organization in 2022 is adopting a hybrid work model

The hybrid work model can help you determine a constant change and drive significant productivity amongst your employees. 

The insufficient recognition of the needs of your employees can interfere with their motivation. Hence, the in-depth focus on the flexibility of the workforce can stand as a base for new roots of development and choice. 

Freedom at the workplace is key to unlocking a progressive approach from every employee in this new year. How do you incorporate a hybrid working model into your organization?

Hybrid working fundamentals: 

  1. Map out the essentials of work-life balance through guidelines. Redefining your guidelines at this point is necessary to build a successful working model during times of uncertainty.
  2. Consider and abide by technology to create a space for healthy communication. A connected workplace can survive unpredictable challenges. With this, one can reduce disruption caused to their work and stay on track. 
  3. Create a neutral collaborating and meeting experience for every employee. Irrespective of their location, today, this is an essential understanding. If a single employee must work remotely due to unavoidable circumstances, all should attend the meeting online to exercise a unified meeting/collaborative experience.

Focusing on employee well-being

The second work-orientated resolution emphasizes employee health and confidence in workplace hygiene

The presence of Covid-19, and the importance of health and well-being, is something we are all familiar with. Workplace hygiene is still an evident topic in 2022. 

Creating a safe and reliable environment for your organization requires implementing strategies to safeguard the motivation and productivity of its people.

Digitizing cleaning operations can provide ease of access to information that affirms to employees that the spaces available to use are also safe. Naturally, elevating workforce confidence in their environment and improving productivity. 

The Freespace Cleanreader scanner, a device designed to enable efficient tracking of desk and office cleans, aligns space availability and allocation with cleaning and sanitization.  

When integrated with other workplace technology, for example Employee Apps, Signage, and a space identification platform such as the Freespace SPOT Platform, these scanners help to deliver a reliable solution to reducing infection transmission and assuring employees of the measures in place to protect their health. 

Other ways to improve employee motivation and productivity:

  1. Create a comfortable work environment. Everyone should feel a part of the organizational activities irrespective of their mode of work. Whether in-office or remote working, one should experience the same attention and focus from the organization. Because the days of rigid social and physical structures are long gone which companies believed were the foundation of productive work environment.
  2. Organize community outreach programs for the employees. Community outreach programs help to build a trustworthy team. The essential outreach of team building is the key benefit for the company.
  3. Practice mindfulness in your organization. Implementing a responsible work environment is necessary to boost the workforce. The motivation to complete or work on tasks comes because of the well-being of employees at work.

Home in on your employee engagement strategies like never before

The final work-orientated resolution is to improve employee engagement

Keeping employees engaged starts by making them feel like valued members of the team and part of a community. The more opportunities employees have to engage in meaningful interactions and tasks, the more dedicated they will be to the success of your organization

Whether maximizing collaborative work areas or capturing relevant supporting schemes for the future, you can engage employees better by improving workplace technology. Better workplace technology leads to a qualitative work environment – fostering creativity, inspiration, and collaboration. 

What measures should you consider to boost employee engagement?

Improving engagement with technology:

  1. Emphasize feedbacks. Employees crave feedback more than anything. Whether weekly check-ins or regulating review sessions, every opportunity for improvement is valuable.    
  2. Prioritize goals and missions. Having a clear-cut idea as to what is required is necessary to build an overall sense of purpose. The pursuit of the workforce lies with the purpose.   
  3. Give workspaces a makeover. Keep employees satisfied and create offices designed for maximum engagement with sensing technology. Sensors anonymously measure how employees use their environment. This information can inform design choices to create the best environment for employees to brainstorm, collaborate, and celebrate.
  4. Connect employees with colleagues. Introducing an Employee App is a simple and effective way to align colleagues and office working patterns with available workspaces.

And the list goes on.

Planning a “new normal” routine that captures the demands of employees should be your sole concern. And this new year is the perfect opportunity. To ensure you’re offering an environment that emphasizes productivity by incorporating healthy habits, speak to our sales team.